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Governor's Project

The Governor’s Projects in the Rocky Mountain Region started in 2000 when the Youth Forums ended. The Children of Peace International (COPI) had presented its work to the 1999 Fall District III & IV Meeting hosted by SI Fort Collins in Estes Park, Colorado. From that moving presentation, the idea of projects that could be done for COPI were born. Children of Peace International is a humanitarian organization which exists to serve the people of Vietnam by developing the capability of the people to help themselves.
For the 2016-2018 biennium Rocky Mountain Region will once again be partnering with Children of Peace International to help provide girls and young women in Vietnam with hope and the ability to dream big dreams. Funds raised will go toward providing a college education to young women.
A second project will also be supported with funds along with mentoring opportunities for the Region members.  Shirlee Draper, the 2014 LYD Region and Federation award winner has been instrumental in establishing a unique regional rehabilitation service in Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah.  The program helps women who are being turned out of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints communities in Utah, Wyoming and Montana.  These women are "Domestic Refugees."  They have limited skill sets for modern society experiences.  When they come to Shirlee they have little or no resources and limited knowledge on how to begin their new lives.  Housing, jobs, and sometimes the need for help in seeking custody of their children are just a few of the things that these women need help in obtaining.  These women need to know others care about them in their new world. 

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